Self-paced Study Guide for Unconscious Spiritual Learning

Reading Time: 1 minute

I have developed a study guide from my book, Before Belief: Discovering First Spiritual Awareness, soon to be published by Rowman and Littlefield (late 2019)

The idea of unconscious spiritual learning is to return to the earliest influences of our spiritual formation. This is where we began. But it is not where we end. The in-between is where we are now and the challenge is to come to terms with all the hidden influences, discover what we learnt, evaluate and integrate, and then serve with ‘a grateful heart’. This self-study guide is designed to help you to begin this process informed by early learning.

This study guide covers 10 topics and can be done at your own pace:

  1. Beginnings
  2. Intergenerational Family
  3. Childhood Revisited
  4. The Senses
  5. Individual Senses
  6. Unconscious Learning
  7. Turning Unconscious Spiritual Learning into Language
  8. Testing and Evaluation
  9. Integration
  10. Committed Living

You can download the study guide via this link.

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