Spirituality Profile

Reading Time: < 1 minute

1. Think about your experience of God using the following dimensions, put an X on each scale:

(a) Personal1——————————————————————10 Impersonal

(b) One 1————————————————————————10 Many

(c) Immanent1————————————————————— 10 Transcendent

(d) Eternal 1——————————————————————- 10 Transitory

(e) Clarity 1———————————————————————10 Confusion

(f) Unity 1———————————————————————– 10 Fragmentation

(g) Ecstatic 1——————————————————————–10 Distressing

(h) Life giving 1—————————————————————-10 Draining

(i) Fulness 1———————————————————————10 Loss of self

 (j) Sacred 1———————————————————————-10 Profane

2. Attachment to God How would you describe your attachment to God? (a) Avoidant (comfortable with distance); (b) Secure (able to be both close and at times to explore new things); (c) Conflicted (want to depend on God but often feel let down); and (d) Disorganized (more chaotic and unpredictable).   

3. Image of God Circle any words that feel right to you: righteous judge, holder of moral absolutes, faithful friend, companion, forgiving, source of truth, giver of grace, detached, the absolute authority in life and faith, inclusive, object of wishful thinking, …

3. Five Senses Through which of the senses are you most likely to experience God? Sight (eg. beauty in nature), body or touch (warm feeling in body, hug from someone, etc.), smell (incense or cooking, perfume), hearing (the bible read or a sermon or music), or taste (the eucharist or fellowship meal)? You can, of course, experience God in more than one sense, but try to identify your main spiritual pathway.

4. Sentence Completion You might try to end the following sentences: The most important thing I learnt about God as a child was…Church people are…What frightened me most was… Where I felt most safe … God is…

5. Changes My relationship with God has changed over the years in the following ways… Can you express this in one sentence?8t